Learn About ASCP

Learn About ASCP

For a look at who we are and what we do, click on the appropriate item below:


Once you’ve reviewed the information on ASCP, if you’re eligible for membership and wish to join, complete theĀ online membership application.


In addition to surfing the ASCP site, you may obtain ASCP information on the MedFair web site. The information on the two sites is very similar, but MedFair has videos of the ASCP presidential statement and benefits of membership, pictures of each Board member, and verbal descriptions of our programs. We hope that you will visit MedFair, as there is much of interest on that site in addition to ASCP information, including CME opportunities and information from the journals and publications of Physicians Postgraduate Press.


The MedFair site is free. However, please be aware you must log in separately at MedFair using your MedFair user name and password. See below for details.


To access the ASCP Virtual Booth at MedFair:

  1. Go to the MedFair web site
  2. Once at MedFair, register and/or sign in and navigate to the CNS Pavilion. The virtual ASCP booth is the little house with the green roof in the upper right hand corner of the Pavilion. Click in the lobby of the “Booth” to see ASCP information.
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