ASCP Annual Meeting Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Nina Schooler and Dr. Roy Chengappa our 2015 award winners!


The ASCP Awards Committee is proud to announce that Dr. Chengappa’s paper titled, “Smoking Cessation in Bipolar Disorder, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study” has been named the 2015 Best Paper in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The award is named after Dr. Paul Wender. Known as the “Dean of ADHD” by his colleagues, Paul H. Wender, MD, is a pioneer in identifying and treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Congratulations to Dr. Chengappa!





This year the ASCP Awards Committee selected Dr. Nina Schooler as the ASCP Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. The award is named after Dr. Donald Klein who is the epitome of clinical psychopharmacology from his earliest days as a psychiatrist with the advent of modern psychopharmacology in the 1960’s. Congratulations to Dr. Schooler!