Clinical Trials Workshop

The 15th Annual Workshop on Clinical Trials in Psychopharmacology Meeting will be held at the New York Bar Association in New York City, April 20-21, 2016. 

Sponsored by the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology and the Zucker Hillside Hospital, this workshop focused on the general problems and challenges of designing and implementing clinical trials with an emphasis on methodology. Topics included trial design, diagnosis, clinical assessment, patient ascertainment, and recruitment.  

A Message from Dr. John Kane:

The Clinical Trials Workshop is unique in not only providing a series of lectures on critical issues in the design and conduct of clinical trials, but in providing the participants a chance to actually design a trial with a group of their peers under the guidance of faculty members. It is during this process that the challenges and opportunities in the design of such trials come alive. Previous attendees have consistently expressed their enthusiasm for this format and rated it as one of their best learning experiences. Anyone considering a role in the design or conduct of such trials will benefit enormously from the workshop. Participants come from academia and the pharmaceutical industry.


Though the workshop is primarily designed for those who identify themselves as having an interest in participating in or conducting clinical research, the workshop experience is also valuable to anyone who will be a “consumer” of clinical trial data. Our ability to apply new knowledge from clinical trials requires a sophisticated understanding of the basic issues in study design, which are not always apparent to the inexperienced reader.


The faculty comprises senior investigators from academia, industry and regulatory agencies. Psychotic and affective illnesses are discussed as well as drug development for child and adolescent disorders.



A total of 12 hours of CME credit are available to those who completed the workshopQuestions may be directed to ASCP at 615-649-3085 or