Educational Curriculum

The American College of Clinical Psychopharmacology is excited to offer these educational resources:


The Psychopharmacology of Depression curriculum and tool box is a multi-modal psychopharmacology curricula to support training in U.S. Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Programs. It consists of twelve mini-modules, each of which can be used as free-standing teaching sessions or collectively as one comprehensive curriculum.


The EIGHTH EDITION of the ASCP Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Training Directors and Teachers of Psychopharmacology in Psychiatric Residency Programs includes over 80 lectures in PowerPoint format. The material covers a basic course (PG Is and IIs) and in an advanced course (for PG IIIs & IVs) plus supplementary lectures. Pre and post-test questions are included for most lectures. Special features have been added, including recommendations of outstanding texts, journals, web sites, P450 interactions, algorithms.


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