ASCP Member Discussion

ASCP Members have the opportunity to share information and benefit from similar experiences and pooled knowledge by subscribing to Members Only discussions on four key topics:
Clinical Trials/New Treatments
Difficult Cases
Educational Opportunities

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ASCP Curriculum

The Psychopharmacology of Depression Module, developed by the ASCP Committee on Residency and Fellowship, is a multi-modal psychopharmacology curricula to support training in U.S. Adult Psychiatry Residency Training Programs. Announcing the expanded EIGHTH EDITION of the ASCP Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Training Directors and Teachers of Psychopharmacology in Psychiatric Residency Programs. The curriculum provides quality, up to date training in clinical psychopharmacology. Read More


The Pharmacologist Database is a listing of physicians who have expressed an interest in evidence based psychopharmacology by becoming a member of ASCP. Find a pharmacologist near you.Read More


As an integral part of that mission, ASCP believes that an informed consumer working with their physician is a perfect combination! In this section you will find information on psychopharmacology and psychopharmacologists, and links to other sites with accurate information on the field.Read More


Although ASCP does not endorse any of the sites listed, we hope that the listed links will serve as a useful starting point for your information search.Read More


The Alcohol Clinical Trials Initiative (ACTIVE) workgroup develops consensus reviews and recommendations to improve the design, execution, and interpretation of trials of medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence.Read More


The ASCP Job Board is a service provided for the purpose of posting and searching for available job opportunities. ASCP encourages members and non-members to submit brief descriptions of jobs available or jobs wanted via email. Read More