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In conjunction with our mission to advance the science and practice of clinical psychopharmacology through education and research, ASCP is committed to the support and promotion of clinical trials. We encourage practitioners and patients to investigate and participate in clinical trials when available and appropriate. To list a clinical trial on the website, please submit information to


Clinical Trials from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • NCT02842073 Understanding of the Pathophysiology and Psychopharmacology of Binge Drinking

Clinical Trials from Indiana University

  • NCT02008773 A Double-Blind Trial of Adjunctive Valacyclovir to Improve Cognition in Early Phase Schizophrenia (VISTA)
Clinical Trials from New York State Psychiatric Institute
  • NCT01537068 Desvenlafaxine vs. Placebo Treatment of Chronic Depression
  • NCT01931202 Mechanisms of Antidepressant Non-Response in Late-Life Depression
Clinical Trials from Stanford University
  • NCT01962870 The Role of Vasopressin in the Social Deficits of Autism
Clinical Trials from University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • NCT02034253 Glutamate, Brain Connectivity and Duration of Untreated Psychosis (DUP)
Clinical Trials from Emory University
  • NCT01965366 Dexamethasone Plus Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for PTSD (Dex)
Clinical Trials from Florida Atlantic University
  • NCT02717130 Aripiprazole, Abilify Maintena Collaborative Clinical Protocol

 Clinical Trials from University of Washington

  • NCT01663337 Sequence of Symptom Change during AUD or PTSD Treatment for Comorbid PTSD/AUD
Clinical Trials from University of Minnesota – Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • NCT02043496 Integrative Cognitive-Affective Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder
  • NCT02078817 Ketamine in Adolescents With Treatment-Resistant Depression
Clinical Trials from Massachusetts General Hospital
  • NCT01246765 National Pregnancy Registry for Atypical Antipsychotics
  • NCT02242669 Enhancing Outcomes, Reducing Costs: Evaluating Peer Support for Mood Disorders
Clinical Trials from Hartford University
  • NCT02120729 Pharmacogenetic Decision Support IT System for Psychiatric Hospitalization: RCT (CYP-GUIDES)
Clinical Trials from the NIMH
  • NCT01797575 N-Acetyl Cysteine and Aspirin as an Adjunctive Treatment for Bipolar Disorder (SMRI-Bipolar)
  • NCT02120729 Decision Support IT System for Psychiatric Hospitalization