Biological Therapies in Psychiatry

The newest addition to the ASCP list of membership benefits is the Biological Therapies in Psychiatry (BTP) Newsletter!


Founded by Alan J. Gelenberg, M.D., Editor of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, BTP has been a trusted resource for physicians for over 25 years. Described as “influential” by the Atlantic Monthly, this concise, four-page, monthly newsletter provides up-to-date information about the rapidly expanding field of psychotropic medications and other biological treatments for mental disorders.


From his perspective as an editor, teacher, investigator and clinician, Dr. Gelenberg reviews the widespread literatures of science and clinical practice, distilling the material most relevant for a busy practitioner and presents it each month with a balance of scientific curiosity, healthy skepticism and clinical experience.


ASCP members receive a 20% discount on subscriptions to BTP! Residents may receive an online subscription free!


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